Dana DiTrani
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We only live one life, but as an actor we are lucky to live many" says Ms. DiTrani

Although not your classic character actress, Dana enjoys playing all kinds of roles, from homeless to femme fatal, and everywhere in between. Like many, her acting journey started in childhood, with school plays and entertaining her family and friends with imitations. She soon realized that her passion for acting was worth pursuing.

While living in New York, she booked her first commercial for Good Earth Tea and a sketch on the Conan O'Brien show, and was well on her way… or so she thought. She quickly realized the true art form of an actor is juggling many jobs. It was then she began doing celebrity impersonations for special events. One of her favorite experiences was recreating Marilyn Monroe's famous "dress blowing up scene" for a show called Pin Up on the Discovery Channel.

She also found a knack for comedy and began performing at many clubs in New York and Los Angeles includingCaroline's, Stand Up NY, and The Improv just to name a few.

Los Angeles was just supposed to be a vacation, but after four months of doing comedy and winning enough cash on the Hollywood Squares, it was time to move. She worked quite a bit in commercials, including Hardees, Home Depot, Sun Chips, Chrysler and Sony Playstation with "Behind Enemy Lines" director John Moore. She is no stranger to independent films, viral videos, hosting and field reporting.

Since moving back east and making her hime in Nyack NY, Dana continues to pursue acting and is not shy about her experiences as a stand in and photo double for many popular shows including Orange Is The New Black, Person of Interest, and The Talk, where her celebrity impersonation came full circle standing in for Sharon Osbourne.

Currently she is also writing and developing a web series and enjoying her new role as stepmom.